Overhead Scan - Cargo Smoke Panel

The next panel is the Cargo Smoke panel. It can be configured differently depending on what model you are flying, but this is how it looks on all A319 and many A320 operated by regional airlines in the US.

Drawing: Eric Bradley [© 2015]

The alternative version is larger and provides additional discharge options, but it is also more complicated and more expensive to install, and that is why it's not popular.

Essentially the concept is the same on both versions. When smoke is detected, the red smoke light for the affected section will illuminate. You then flip the switch-guard and push the switch to discharge the squibs that will hopefully put the fire out.

On the later model of the panel, the switch-guard is not as simple and resembles a tooth. It is clipped over a flip-switch rather than a push-button, and you have to physically remove this guard in order to move switch. Flip it up to discharge Agent 1, and down to discharge Agent 2.

For both of the Cargo Smoke panel versions, activating the squibs will cause the amber DISCH light to illuminate for the squib involved in the action.