Overhead Scan - The Goal

The overhead panel scan is performed from front to back and left to right. Your goal is to work through the various panels and switch off all the "white lights" as you go.

Overhead panel lights use color coding to help identify what the status of any individual system control is. These codes are as follows:

 RED  Any light illuminated in red means that there is a situation of immediate danger present, and the affected system must be given attention to immediately.
 AMBER  Amber lights are cautions to indicate a fault has been detected in the affected system, or that some important system has been activated of which you need to be aware.
 WHITE  Usually white lights indicate that the push-button is not in its normal state. For example, something is on that is normally off, or off that is normally on.
 BLUE  Blue lights indicate that a temporary system is functioning normally (for example, the APU master switch).
 GREEN  Green lights indicate that a system that you need to know is functioning correctly is doing so.