Overhead Scan - ADIRS Panel

The next panel, still working towards the back, is the ADIRS panel.

Drawing: Eric Bradley [© 2015]

This panel starts with a row of 3x ADR buttons, which should all be set to "on" (remember, if they are illuminated, that means they are off).

Then there are 3x IR Mode Selector switches, used to set the IRS to OFF, NAV, or ATT. Normally these switches should be in the NAV position, and you should set them to NAV now.

Above these, we have the IR Fault/Align buttons. These are used for warning when the IRS is out of alignment or when there is a problem with any of the 3 IR data collectors. Each of these buttons has 2 sections, with the amber FAULT light at the top and white ALIGN light at the bottom.

If the FAULT light is on and steady, it means there is an unrecoverable fault with that IR collector, but if it is flashing then it means the attitude and heading information can still be recovered by switching to ATT mode with the corresponding IR Mode Selector switch.

The final light button on this panel is the ON BAT button. This lets you know when any part of the IR system is drawing power only from the battery and not using any other power sources.

The top part of the panel is dedicated to the ADIRU information display. There is the display itself, two switches for determining what gets displayed, and a keypad for manual input.