Overhead Scan - Lighting & APU Controls

Now it is time to bring our attention back to the front of the overhead panel, but this time we'll work up the center column of panels, and some of these control really important systems.

The first panel in the center column is the Lighting & APU Control Panel. It looks like this:

Drawing: Eric Bradley [© 2015]

As you can see, the left side of the panel has a number of switches for controlling the external lights, including the landing lights.

In the middle are the two APU buttons, which are really important in the start-up sequence.

Then on the right, we have more switches for controlling the internal lights.

The 3x APU buttons can remain illuminated at the end of the overhead panel scan.

Above all of that, we find a set of controls for anti-icing, window & probe heating, and cabin pressure. If any of those lights are illuminated, push in the buttons to turn them off.