Overhead Scan - GPWS/RCDR Panel

Now direct your attention to the next panel, the GPWS/RCDR panel. This panel is divided into two parts. The first section is labeled RCDR and contains buttons for controlling the CVR system.

Drawing: Eric Bradley [© 2015]

Push in the GND CTL button so it lights up, then push and hold CVR TEST button. If the test is successful, then press GND CTL button again to switch CVR back to Auto mode. If the CVR test is unsuccessful, go back to the Oxygen panel and push in the MECH call button. Advise maintenance that the CVR is not working.

You will not be permitted to fly this aircraft with a non-functioning CVR, so your flight may be canceled or delayed. Unlike the passengers, aircrew are not normally likely to be compensated in the event of a cancellation or delay. Even so, it is very illegal to knowingly depart with a non-functioning CVR.

You can safely ignore any faults showing on the GPWS section for the moment, because the engines are not running. If any of the 3 mode switches are illuminated, push in the button to extinguish the light.